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About Us

Lasahara Safaris is a tour company in Uganda that was founded in the year 2013 and has since been organising trips to an endless list of amazing destinations in the country. In addition to organising local tourism trips by Ugandan nationals, we have handled a long list of international tourists coming in from Europe, Asia and the Americas, making sure to leave a smile on each face and a memorable story to tell.

With over 10 years of experience, Lasahara Safaris is the perfect choice if you are looking to explore Uganda while you enjoy the experience of connecting with nature and the people.

Lasahara Safari Van

About Uganda

Located in East Africa, Uganda is a landlocked country endowed with a long list of natural attractions that no safari can exhaust. Among these are the various lakes and rivers renowned for the amazing waterfalls that punctuate their flow. The Lake Victoria for example is the largest freshwater body in Africa and second in the world after Lake Superior, and the River Nile the longest in Africa and second in the world after the Amazon. The murchison Falls among other waterfalls and uniquely beautiful hot springs make Uganda an amazing destination to visit.

Murchison Falls

The climax of Uganda's beauties however lies in the diversity of Flora and Fauna evident in the numerous national parks that have been maintained as conservation areas to protect the endless list of plant and animal species.

The Trips We Organise

We organise trips for honeymooners, travelers on holiday, and those looking to enjoy exciting excursions in Wild Uganda. We have a special package for everyone filled with amazing activities and experiences. So tell us what your trip is about and we will come up with a special itinerary for you.

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